Hotmail Settings

Hotmail Settings

Email Services like Hotmail are made to let the user access their email mailbox directly from their web browser. Hotmail uses access: HTTP for a user’s email account. While using client software email, the software must support HTTP of Hotmail. Hotmail gives access to IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. These protocols use SSL.


  1. The various email account can be set up on different protocols can be done as follows
  2. POP3

–    Hotmail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – ; (logon using Secure Password Authentication – SPA, mail server port: 995)

–    Hotmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – (TLS enabled, port 587)

  1. IMAP

–    Server:, SSL: true-implicit, mail Port: 993 (default)

  1. SMTP

–     Server:,SSL: true-explicit, Port: 587 (default)

How to gauge on my incoming and outgoing mail server?

  1. Go to Tools and then Account settings to open and understand the account information
  2. You have to double-click the email account that you want to see the numerous email ids
  3. Now you can see your account type, the incoming server name and outgoing server name

Settings for Outlook Users

If you want to use email app for your outlook account, then one will have to set up their POP3/SMTP server and then port settings in your e-mail application. To do the same, you will need following data:

–     POP3 {server: (port – 995)}, SMTP server: { (port 25)}

–    In case your network/ISP has blocked port 25, you will have to set the SMTP port to the 587 using the SSL or TLS encryption depending on the type of email app you use

–    Then you have to select the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option for both SMTP & POP3 connections.

–     For SMTP Connections, use the SMTP authentication

–    Ensure that the outgoing server needs the server to be authenticated

–     Username: Enter your full E-mail Address

–     Password: Enter your password assign for Microsoft account.

I don’t want to lose emails In Outlook upon setting up POP3, what to do?

Hotmail Settings
Hotmail Settings

There is a feature in outlook which prevents losing email messages in case you accidentally set up POP3 to delete the emails from reading them. The working is as follows-

The Outlook will receive a POP3 Instruction 1st time to delete the messages upon being read from the email app. What will outlook do? It will not delete the emails. Rather, it will move the successfully downloaded emails to the assigned folder- POP and out of the inbox. This folder POP is available in the folders list. Outlook will keep the messages in a POP folder until the time you sign into your respective Outlook account and does the verification that what outlook should do- Ignore the delete command for POP3 or accept it.

Hotmail POP3 settings

Clock Option on the right upper window of -> Click on the Options and thereafter go for More options. Go to Manage Your Account, click on Pop and deleting the message which is downloaded. Post this, out of the following, select one:

  • Try not to give another program a chance to erase messages from
  • Do what my other program says—on the off chance that it says to erase messages, at that point erase them.

What if I’m not able to send and receive emails in my Hotmail account?

In spite of a proper and working internet connection, if you see that your Hotmail account is not able to send & receive emails, you need to check various settings. There have been common issues which have been reported with a Hotmail user, especially who try to configure their account on a 3rd party client email application. Precaution should be taken to enter the settings on the 3rd party client app. In case of incorrect settings, an issue will persist.

Solution is

–    Review the settings

–    Correct the settings of the server

–     Follow these steps.

–    Username: Main address of the Microsoft account

–    Password: 2 step authenticated Microsoft account password

–    Ensure correct IMAP settings are entered for Hotmail Account Eg: Your name, email id ( it should be the complete main address of your Microsoft account

–    Type– IMAP

–    Incoming mail server-

–    Outgoing mail server-

–    Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) – Disabled

–     My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication – Enabled

–      Use same settings as my incoming mail server- Enabled

–    Incoming server (IMAP)-993

–    Outgoing server (SMTP)- 587

–    Encryption to be used- SSL

–    Encryption connection- TLS

After above, send some test emails to your own main account and friends. This will help in ensuring the correctness of settings. If unresolved, then call the Hotmail customer support centre.

Common FAQ’s

  1. The email looks different that I send from and what I receive from

Ans. Man email messages nowadays contain HTML code which is similar to what we see on a web page. Since these are scripting languages, one should avoid using these since they lead to design and formatting issues. To reduce the same, Outlook uses Trustworthy computing initiative whose aim is to reduce the flow of malicious content of HTML to its users. Trustworthy analyses the content and processes the same to find unsafe content.

Also, Check- Brighthouse Settings

  1. Did message mark from the unknown sender – How to prevent in the outlook interface?

Ans. The user which add their domain or email address to their “contacts” or their “safe-senders list” will not see this notification ever. Hence it’s advisable to add email ids to your respective contact list. In addition, senders who are on the Return Path Certification list or on a user’s “safe sender’s” list typically experience links and images within their messages enabled by default.


  1. “Allow list” functionality exists in

Ans. No. An “allow list” is essentially a “free pass” which allows emails from certain senders to bypass junk email filters and other precautions. evaluates all inbound email for malicious content.