Earthlink Settings

Earthlink Settings

Advantages of making use of EarthLink email service- Earthlink Settings

When speaking of Earthlink email settings for email marketers, it is an obvious advantage to make use of SMPT servers. It is certain that blocked rates, domains and blacklist can tend to take away your clients. This can also ruin your business. It is natural that these issues can affect the performance of your business.  You still have the convenience of making use of paid web hosting servers. This offers you with the convenience of getting registered with a third party for accessing your emails. You have the convenience of installing your own personal email ID server.

This will offer you with the convenience of making use of your personal email service. You also have the convenience of making use of a server that is your personal.  It is certain that it offers you with the convenience of meeting all your specific goals. It also eliminates the need to get blacklisted by any other client.

Benefits of using Earthlink pop3 settings

Earthlink Settings
Earthlink Settings

One benefit is that it offers you with the convenience of running your business legitimately. You are free to contact your subscribers at your will. Any of your clients will be willing to receive any of your email for communication. They don’t have to panic about any alarms in the inbox of their mail ID.

In order to make your business flourish and grow, it is important that you have to sign up with Earthlink smpt settings. This factor may be beneficiary for your online and offline business.

You have access to unlimited email accounts

This certainly is one of the main benefits that you get when making use of paid smpt email settings account. You are just not restricted to using your email account on an hourly basis. When making use of ISP address you will be restricted to access only a few emails. When using ISP you have restrictions of only accessing few hundred emails on daily basis.

So if you have to access more emails for your business then you may not have the convenience. SMPT services offered by Earthlink pop3 settings offer you with a dedicated service that is much better as compared to ISP server settings. You may not have to worry about any limitations imposed on your email access.

Track your emails till it reaches recipient end

This certainly is one of the main benefits that are offered by Earth link email service providers. This means that you just don’t have to worry about any delayed emails ending up in your inbox. Apart from this you just don’t have to worry about any emails that bounce back in your inbox. So even if you are not sure of the recipient email ID the chances of bounce back emails is reduced or eliminated completely. Even if an email is bounced back in your inbox a complete report is generated stating the reason why the email has bounced back. There may be many reasons so as to why any email has been bounced back. The moment any recipient has received your email in the inbox you will immediately get a notification stating that the email has been received by the recipient. Earthlink server settings are made such that you are provided with al notifications on time. The reports are generated at your SMPT server end so it can be trusted.

It is also possible for you to generate a complete report even if you have sent email to the mass number of recipients at the same time.

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You have the power to regulate your email list privately

When using Earthlink mail setting you has the convenience of ensuring that the list of emails that you have prepared is very much secured. The complete list can easily be regulated and handled by you. It will never be vulnerable to any other user. You can certainly make use of this list to manage your client list that will be efficient to manage your customers. It is also possible for you to manage and prepare the complete list according to your preference. You can use it for campaign or testing.

No restrictions for 3rd party TOC

In case any restrictions are imposed by the third party then it is certain that it may never affect you. So even if any of your third party is interested in working with some other clients still it will not affect the performance of your business. In case any of your clients are receiving any spam emails then it shall never end up in your inbox.


Even if you are making use of paid email still you can count that Earthlink outlook settings are very much cost effective as compared to others. They offer you with numerous features that can be used for your business benefit. You can make the payment for a monthly package or yearly package that is more cost-effective. You may never have to worry about paying separately for each email you send or receive. You can also receive the emails of the third party at the same cost without the need to invest extra money in purchasing extended services at the month end.


In case you are making use of private servers, you may have to compromise on sharing the server with other users. This will certainly offer you with restrictions. You may have to compromise on the speed of the uptime. At times you may also be restricted to attach a number of files to your emails. You have the convenience of sharing your single email with over 300 clients at the same time. Even if your client has blocked one of your clients still it will not affect you. This will prevent you from being called a spammer.

There are numerous other benefits of using Earthlink IMAP settings for your business. It will eliminate the need for you being filtered out by your clients as spammers. You also have the convenience of making use of static IP address for your business. This can be used for receiving and sending emails from your inbox. You can also manage your contact list.

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