How to Configure Email Settings

How to Configure Email Settings Email is a popular web-based application designed and branded by Microsoft which hosts numerous applications such as webmail, calendar, contacts and tasks. With unlimited storage, contacts management and easy integration with applications such as OneDrive, Office Online and Skype, makes it an apt choice for users. Moreover, it can also be used for secure and non-secure POP3 email implementation. provides a host of security implementations such as MAPI. One needs to add email account to to get started with it. The details below describe the steps necessary to configure your Outlook mailbox, any mismatch in settings might hinder in processing your mails by the Outlook application.

So, let’s start with the configuration.


Steps to Configure Email Settings Email Settings Email Settings


Ensure the below settings are set, in order to get start quickly

Incoming Mail Server: Type in your incoming email server, it may be either in the form ‘’ or in the form of ip address. Check with your ISP to get the correct mail server name.

Incoming Mail Server PORT Number: 993 (Recommended) with SSL turned ON

Outgoing Mail Server Name: Set your outgoing mail server as prescribed by your ISP usually in the format ‘’, check with your mail service provider.

Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 465 (SMTPS) with SSL

SSL Encryption: Ticked/Checked

Authentication: Username and password required


Steps in Detail to Configure Your Email Settings

Follow these steps one by one to easily configure your email in

Step1: Open the Microsoft Outlook program on your PC (Double-click the icon on your desktop).

Step2: Click Tools > Accounts.

Step3: Click on “E-Mail Account” and then ‘Next’.

Step4: Fill in the name of your email account in the menu box and click ‘Next’.

Step5: Enter your email address on the displayed window.

Step6: Enter your email password as provided to you

Step7: Select POP3 or IMAP from the drop-down menu list (Account type). IMAP is recommended for optimal experience.

Step7: Enter your incoming mail server name in the format ‘’. Enter the port number 993 in the incoming mail server port number field.

Step8: Type in your outgoing mail server name in the format ‘’. Enter the port number 465 for outgoing mail server.

Step9: Tick the checkbox ‘Override default port’.


Step10: Click on ‘More settings’

Step11: Go to ‘Outgoing server’ tab

Step12: Tick the box labeled as ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’.

Step 13: Place a tick on the option ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’.

Step13: Click OK to complete the entire configuration procedure.

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Using IMAP Settings in

IMAP connection to your mail server allows you to see the contents of your mailbox as it appears in the server. The mails are synchronized, also all the devices including your mobile device such as a PDA are in synch with the mail server. In order to use IMAP, configure the below settings.

Incoming Mail Server Name:

Incoming Mail Server PORT Number: 143(without SSL) or 993 (with SSL).


Conclusion is a web e-mail client which enhances its capabilities by allowing integration of various Microsoft applications. Here we tried to answer your basic queries regarding the settings to get going with your Outlook. Have Questions/queries? We have their answers. Post them below in our comment section and we’ll try to assist you in everything possible. Stay tuned for more. Till then, like and Share this article.

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