Charter Email Settings

Charter Email Settings?

How To Configure Charter Email Settings?

Charter Email Settings -Charter Communications is an American based Telecommunications Company and provides its users with services under the brand name of Spectrum. The services of Charter Telecommunications especially the email service is one of the best for the users. Being an American based company, it uses some of the advanced technologies including POP and IMAP that helps the users in several operations.

Getting an email account from Charter Communications is always easy. However, the steps that follow seem to be quite intimidating for the users. Users often find it complex to configure their Charter Email accounts so that the account becomes usable. In the following section, the users can find the step by step approach to set up their Charter email account.

Steps to Configure Charter Email Settings

Charter Email Settings
Charter Email Settings

The users can have the best experience and enjoy hassle-free communication on their Charter Email accounts on their devices including tablets, mobile phones, desktop PCs or laptops very easily. However, Charter Communications recommends the following settings to be tweaked before the setup process of the email account:

  • Incoming Email Server:
  • Incoming Server port: 993
  • Outgoing email Server:
  • Outgoing Server Port: 587
  • Incoming Mail server (POP3):
  • Incoming Mail Server (IMAP): (143 port)
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • SSL should be on for both SMTP and IMAP.
  • The user also needs to provide the Username, Email id and password for his Charter email account.

Once done with this initial set up process, the users can proceed to further section to configure their Charter Email accounts.

Steps to set up Charter Email Settings in Microsoft Outlook (2010 version or later)

Although Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email client software available in the market, users find setting up their Charter Email Account on Microsoft Account, a daunting task. In the following section, the users can know how to set up their Charter Email account in MS Outlook for all the versions after 2010.

Auto account setup

Step 1: The user first needs to open MS Outlook on his PC and select the File section.

Step 2: In the new drop-down menu that appears, he needs to click on Info followed by Add Account.

Step 3: In the following section, the user needs to enter certain credentials. These credentials include the User Name, the Email address of the user (this should have a in it), the password for the account.

Step 4: The user needs to click on Next followed by Finish to configure his email account on MS Outlook.

However, there are certain chances that this auto set up of the Charter Email account might fail. In such a case, the users can opt for the manual set up of the account.

Manual Charter Account Setup

Step 1: The user needs to open MS Outlook on his PC and go for the Files section.

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, the user needs to select Info followed by Add Accounts option.

Step 3: In the Add Accounts window, the user needs to select Manual Setup or Additional Server type’s option.

Step 4: In the following sections, the user needs to enter credentials that are user-specific including the Incoming Mail Server name as and Outgoing mail server (SMTP) as

Step 5: The user then needs to select More Settings option followed by Outgoing Servers tab.

Step 6: A tick mark should be put against the My outgoing server requires authentication and Use same settings as my incoming mail server options.

Step 7: Under the Advanced tab, the user needs to have the following credentials: Incoming Mail server (POP3) as 993, Outgoing Server (SMTP) as 587.

Step 8: The user finally needs to click on OK followed by Finish.

These steps can be used to set up the Charter Email account very easily.

Configuring POP Settings for Charter Email Account

Charter Email account supports POP3 which implies that the users can retrieve their mails on any device that they are using. However, to make use of the facility, the users need to enter the Incoming mail server and port for POP as mentioned above. Rest all the steps remain the same.


Charter email accounts also support IMAP sync which can also be activated in a similar way. Once done with all these steps, the users can finally have a fully functional Charter Email Settings.

Any users who have any sort of additional queries regarding setting up their charter mail can drop a comment in the comments section and our technical team would provide a fast response. If You Like Charter Email Settings Then Please Share This Article. Thank You

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    Can you help thru setting up my email sending thru this message?

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