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Brighthouse Email Settings?

How to Configure Brighthouse Email Settings

Brighthouse Email Settings -Bright House Networks LLC was actually an American telecommunications company. Prior receiving it from Charter Communications, it was actually the tenth largest provider of multi-channel service and sixth largest cable-provider (based on the coverage) in the United States. Brett’s primary network services include digital television, high-speed internet, home-security and automation-voice services.

Bright House Networks owns and operates two 24-hour local news operations; Central Florida News, 13 serving in the Orlando area and Bay News and 9 serving the Tampa Bay area. In March 2015, Charter Communications announced that the BrightHouse will receive a $10.4 billion transaction, depending on Time-Warner Cable, which rejects its right to the first actual refusal to buy the latest company, which is not expected, get exercised, as the next joining of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. On May 26, 2015, as Comcast had plans to buy Time-Warner Cable, the Charter then announced its plans to join TWC, as well as a renewed purchase of the BrightHouse. If both transactions are completed, Advance/Newhouse will actually earn an interest rate of about 14 percent in the combined company.

Brighthouse Email Server Settings:

brighthouse email settings
Brighthouse Email Settings

Incoming Mail Server
Host Name or incoming mail server
For POP3:
User Name: Your email address
Password: Your email password
Outgoing Mail Server
Outgoing Server Port
For IMAP: 587
For POP3: 587
Incoming Settings

How to Configure Brighthouse Email Settings for Outlook?

In Outlook, click on File.

  1. Click on ‘Account Settings’
  2. Click on ‘Account Settings’ in the Drop Down list Menu.
  3. Under the Email tab, click the New button.
  4. Select E-Mail Account and then click Next.
  5. Select the ‘Manual Setup or additional server types’ radial button and click Next.
  6. Select the POP or IMAP option and then click on next.
  7. Fill out the info on the left side using your own email address and all the server settings. Check the ‘Remember Password’ option if you want Outlook to remember your current password.
  8. Click on the More Settings button on the bottom right corner.
  9. Click Outgoing Server tab and then check the button next to ‘My Outgoing Server’ which requires Authentication and make sure to check “Use same settings as my incoming mail server” The “Log on using” section should remain blank.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Click the Next button and Outlook will now test your settings. Click Close when test is complete.


POP3 is for the Post Office Protocol 3. While sending an email to your address, it is stored on the mail server until it is downloaded via your email client (Outlook, Netscape mail, your mobile phone, etc.) using POP3. Once the e-mail has been downloaded to your client, it will be removed completely from the server.

The main advantage of IMAP over POP

The main advantage of IMAP on POP3 is the ability to keep the original mail on the mail server and the ability to preserve access to the same account of multiple websites. Unlike the POP3 where e-mail is actually downloaded to the computer or device which controls the mails and completely removed mails from the mail server, IMAP just releases a copy of the email. This is actually much more convenient because the e-mail account can be placed on many computers and devices using the IMAP and the original email that will always stay on the electronic mail server.


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