Bluehost Settings

Bluehost Settings

Benefits of making use of Bluehost email for your business

When speaking of Business email setting, many business owners turn their head towards Bluehost email settings. There are a number of advantages and benefits offered by private host business emails. Let’s use to discuss some of the benefits of business emails.

Design that is responsive and intuitive

The most important benefit of making use of the Bluehost pop3 settings is that it offers a design that is very much responsive and intuitive. Apart from this it also offers the benefit of Open-Xchange. This means that users can easily access their portable devices like tablets and mobile gadgets.

Best virus protection

As the email is offered by the private server so you also get to make use of its reputable and durable antivirus protective shield. The server offers the best technology that has been used in the detecting virus the moment it steps in your inbox. So even if you are downloading any files you may not have to worry about the malware or virus on your system.

Best backup and storage

This certainly is one of the most important features offered by Bluehost server settings. The private server offers you with a storage that is equivalent to around 5GB storage for your emails. Apart from this you also have an advantage of making use of its backup facility. The developers have ensured that users are offered with state of art storage infrastructure. This will always ensure that you have a very big storage space such that you may never have to delete any email from your inbox to make more space.

Security and uptime

This feature offered is 100 percent. As the developers are making use of NetApp technology to you can always trust that your email inbox and all other related information is safe. You don’t have to worry about your data loss. Besides it also offers with best upload time.

Task, Contacts and Calendar feature

Blue host mail setting offers you with multiple features to make use of including task setting, calendar feature and contact list management. It offers you with best option to manage your contacts and at the same time create your personal contact list for your client base. You can make use of best productivity tools.

Inbox Social Media

Bluehost Settings
Bluehost Settings

Another main benefit is that when using the private server email ID you have the convenience of blending social media including Google Feeds and Twitter to your mail account. The Bluehost email offers you with the convenience of using all your social media under one single roof.

Benefit to the clients of using paid email

You have to keep in mind that paid email offers you with multiple benefits. One main benefit is that it offers you with the convenience of building your business and brand image. When opening your email account with Bluehost outlook settings, you have the convenience of placing your business and brand name on the top list. You can create your email ID using the domain name of your company. Apart from this, you can also make use of its advanced settings technology.

You can make use of best uptime that is of industry standard, reliability and scalability. One benefit here is that as you are making use of the cloud features so you just don’t have to worry about the bandwidth, software, hardware or IT. There is no need to hire any other professional to work out your emails for you. It is also possible for you to add new email accounts the moment your team grows.

Supported protocols and clients

The moment you are using Bluehost email id you have the convenience of using it with multiple platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, MAPI protocols, Outlook express etc. You can follow simple guidelines to configure your email accounts with these platforms.  This will also enable you to send and receive any email as pop up.

Webmail interface facility

It is also possible to make use of the interface for using the webmail facility. You just have to follow the simple procedure of logging in to your account using your valid email ID and PW.

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Access emails on multiple mobile phone gadgets

This is one convenience that is in general not offered by most private email accounts. When using the Bluehost SMTP settings you are offered with the convenience where you can access your emails on multiple mobile phones and devices at the same time. This includes devices like tablet PC, smartphones, iPad etc. the platform is supported by both HTML5 and Javascript. Apart from this, the email server is also good with various kinds of a platform as well as the Operating system. You can use it with Android, Windows and Apple phones as well. This is one convenience that people making use of free email accounts don’t have. Most people are not able to use their free email accounts on Mac or Apple gadgets.

Apart from this there are a number of other benefits as well of using the Bluehost IMAP settings. One main benefit that is added is that you have a large space for accessing your emails. This means that you can store and save any volume of data in your email server. In general, most free emails offer you with restricted space for storing your emails. Here when using Bluehost server you have the convenience of making use of storage space that is worth 5GB. It can be utilized as your dedicated storage space.

Apart from this you also have the benefit of using SMTP for outgoing emails as its port. You can use it via port 25 very comfortably. You can also create and manage your mail list completely on this server. You can restrict access to any users or even grant access to multiple users at the same time. It is also possible for you to restrict access completely for any user if you feel he is a spam.  This means that you may never have to worry about unsolicited emails.

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