DreamHost Settings

DreamHost Settings-The world of DreamHosting

DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web facilitating supplier and area name enlistment centre. It is the web facilitating and distributed computing business possessed by New Dream Network. DreamHost started facilitating clients’ locales in 1997.In May 2012, DreamHost spun off Inktank. Inktank is an expert administration and booster organization for the open source Ceph record system. In November 2014, DreamHost spun off Akanda, an open source arrange virtualization project.

DreamHost’s shared, VPS, and devoted facilitating system comprises of Apache, Nginx and Lighttpd web servers running on the Ubuntu working system. DreamHost likewise offers distributed storage and figuring administrations for business people and engineers, propelled in 2012. The control board for clients to deal with all administrations is a custom application outlined in-house, incorporates coordinated charging and a help ticket framework, and has gotten rave surveys from a few clients.

DreamHost has an extensive rundown of highlights to fulfill your own and business-related web facilitating needs. The organizations shared, WordPress, the virtual private server (VPS), and committed plans offer a lot of alternatives for website admins to make alluring, adaptable destinations. Likewise, the host has included new site building programming that makes making a DreamHost-fueled site less demanding than any time in recent memory.

It comprises of a different kind of web hosting like:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Committed Web Hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting

How would I begin?

Dreamhost Settings
Dreamhost Settings

This article acquaints you with DreamHost’s most imperative administrations that you have to set up your site. While this doesn’t cover everything, it covers the essentials and it’s a decent place to begin after you buy a record.

The standard facilitating plans are ‘Shared, VPS, and Dedicated’. DreamHost likewise offers particular designs called DreamPress (WordPress facilitating) and Remixer (straightforward web designer).

Making a DreamHost account

In case you wish to utilize any DreamHost administrations, you should make a record. View the accompanying article for directions on the best way to open a record.

Step by step instructions to open a DreamHost account

  • Signing into the board
  • When you complete the information exchange process, you’ll get a message to tell you that your record is set up. From that point, you can sign in to the board at:


  • To sign in, utilize the qualifications inside the email that was sent to you.
  • Setting up your area
  • When you sign in to your board, there are a couple of things you should do to set up your site. For instance:
  • Enlist an area
  • Include a facilitating plan
  • Add facilitating to space
  • Make an email address
  • Enlisting a space
  • To stack any site page, the proprietor should first possess the enrollment of the area name. If you don’t claim the enlistment, you have no privilege to utilize the space name.
  • To enroll a space, go to the (Panel > ‘Areas’ > ‘Enlistments’) page.

On the Registrations page, you can enroll any space you wish that is as yet accessible:

DreamHost permits the enrollment of various Top Level Domains (TLDs). You can see a full rundown of these on the Registrations page by tapping the ‘See all space expansions and evaluating’ connect.

  • Adding facilitating to an area
  • After you include a facilitating plan, you would now be able to add facilitating to your site.
  • To include facilitating,
  • Go to (Panel > ‘Spaces’ > ‘Oversee Domains’) page.
  • Tap the Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-Domain catch.
  • The ‘Deal with Domains’ page opens and shows with the accompanying alternatives:
  • Completely Hosted: Configures the site to be facilitated at DreamHost. Frequently, this is the choice you’ll pick.
  • Divert Forwards guests to your webpage to another site.

Reflected: Allows your site to utilize indistinguishable records from another site as long as it is Fully Hosted and on the same DreamHost account.

Stopped: Displays a placeholder with a DreamHost “coming soon” message.

Shrouded: Displays another site of your decision with an altered show URL and program title.

DNS Only: Creates custom DNS records that point your area far from DreamHost. This is inaccessible for subdomains.

DreamHost Email Settings

When you have to design email on any mail customer, you’ll have to know particular data all together make the record. The most fundamental data you’ll have to know is:  Dreamhost Email Settings

  • Username
  • Secret key
  • Mail server name
  • You would then be able to arrange your email client advance by setting it up as an IMAP or POP address and empowering secure ports.

This article strolls you through these alternatives to arrange the email account any way you like.

  • Step#1 — Add the email delivery to the board

You can make your email address through your (Panel > ‘Mail’ > ‘Oversee Emails’) page.

  • Step#2 — Locate your username and watchword

This is the part of your space. For instance username@example.com.

  • Step#3 — Locate your mail server name

Your server name (otherwise known as hostname) controls where your email is sent from and sent to. There is just a single prescribed server name (hostname) you should use at DreamHost. It’s your particular mail group name your record is doled out to. For instance, your mail server name will be one of the accompanyings:





  • Step#4 — Set secure ports and pick IMAP or POP

Your customer will approach you for port numbers to associate. Some are unreliable while others are secure. The port numbers you pick additionally manage if your address utilizes an IMAP or POP association.

While picking a port, just secure port settings are suggested. While picking amongst POP and IMAP, you’ll need to pick IMAP unless you have a particular motivation to utilize POP.

Secure IMAP approaching design

This case demonstrates the ‘contact@example.com’ client being set up as an IMAP client with SSL empowered utilizing Port 993 for approaching mail.

The server name being utilized is ‘sub4.mail.dreamhost.com’ with ‘Confirmation’ set to ‘Typical secret word’. Make a point to just utilize your mail bunch name.

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Dreamhost IMAP Settings-Configuration

Example of IMAP Setting:-

Server Type: IMAP Mail Server

Server Name:sub4.mail.dreamhost.com


Client Name:contact@example.com

Security Settings:

Association Security: SSL/TLS

Confirmation Method: Normal Password

This illustration demonstrates the ‘contact@example.com’ client being set up as an IMAP client with SSL empowered utilizing Port 993 for approaching mail.

The server name being utilized is ‘sub4.mail.dreamhost.com’ with ‘Confirmation’ set to ‘Typical secret word’. Make a point to just utilize your mail bunch name.

DreamHost is powerful, reliable and secure site hosting.A Power User’s Dream in view of its broad apparatuses, including helpful site building programming, security alternatives, liberal unconditional promise, and boundless stockpiling, data transmission, areas, and email, DreamHost is the best pick.

Google Mail Settings

Configure the Google Mail Accounts with the Email setting

Google Mail
Google Mail

Google provides an amazing mailing service to its customers under the name of Gmail with the same trust and innovation factor. The mailing platform is loaded with features and is currently one of the most used mailing platforms present globally. It has a current user base of about 1.2 billion which is enough to testify regarding the bunch of great features that the users get on Gmail which enhance their mailing experience in a positive way. The users can access this mailing service through Google either through the web browsers or through the mobile applications compatible with different platforms. Google has developed different versions of the application for different smartphone operating systems. The content and the emails on Gmail are synchronised through POP and IMAP protocols.

Gmail uses a chat like mail thread theme which has impressed all its users. The storage space that Gmail currently provides to the users 15 gigabytes and the maximum size of emails that the users can receive is 50 megabytes. Similarly, the users can send emails ranging up to 25 megabytes. Google has also integrated the Google Drive attachment option on Gmail which enables the users to share huge files easily as well. The users can face certain complications while setting up their Google mail accounts on their devices. As a rescue for all these woes, the users can make use of the following Google email settings and enjoy the maximum benefits out of the mailing service by Google.


The users can make use of the required incoming mail settings of Google so as to make proper use of the mail service. The IMAP protocol used on Gmail enables the users to read messages that they receive on their accounts using other clients too. The messages are synced in real-time since Google uses the IMAP protocol. The users can make use of the following Google IMAP settings for their mail accounts on Google.

  • Incoming account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: imap.gmail.com
  • Incoming mail server port number: 993
  • SSL should be turned on.
  • Display Name: Name of the user
  • Account name: the email address of the user usually in the format yourname@gmail.com
  • Password: The same password that the user uses to access his Gmail account.

The following settings can easily set up the incoming mail server of Google mailing services. However, prior to making these settings, the user needs to check whether IMAP is turned on for his account on Gmail. He can do this by adopting the following steps:

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  • The user needs to open Gmail on his computer or device that he is using.
  • He can find a settings icon similar to a gear in the top right corner of the screen as soon as he opens the Gmail page.
  • He needs to click on Settings option and then on Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • In the IMAP Access section, the user needs to check the enable IMAP option.
  • Finally, the user needs to save the changes that he made so that IMAP is enabled for his account.

Google also supports POP protocol for receiving messages. However, a user who is on the POP type account cannot use multiple devices to retrieve his emails. This happens because once he opens a mail on any of the devices; the mail is deleted from the server. This implies that it no longer available to be downloaded again into any other device. Hence, Google recommends the use of IMAP account types only. However, the following Google pop3 settings can come handy for the users if they want to set up their accounts in the POP protocol.

  • POP3 incoming mail server name: pop.gmail.com
  • POP3 port number: 995
  • SSL should be turned on.
  • The username and the passwords are user specific and need to be entered by the users.

This above-mentioned IMAP and POP Google server settings can be used on any of the mail clients as well.


Similar to other mailing services, the Google mail also makes use of the SMTP protocol. The outgoing mails are protected through TLS which prevents any sort of data breach whenever any mail is sent by the user. By making use of the following Google SMTP settings, the users can configure their outgoing mail accounts very easily and really fast. Once done with these settings, they can send emails in bulk or to individual recipients with much ease.

The following are some settings which the users can make use of for configuring their Google outgoing mail servers:

  • Outgoing mail server type: SMTP
  • Outgoing mail server name: smtp.gmail.com
  • SSL required.
  • TLS required, if available.
  • Requires authentication.
  • Outgoing mail server port number for SSL: 465
  • Outgoing mail server port number for TLS/STARTTLS: 587
  • The username and password is user specific and the password is same as that the user uses to access his Google account.


MS Outlook is one of the most used email clients and setting up the Gmail account on MS Outlook for sending and receiving emails is quite easy. MS Outlook provides the users with options to choose from the IMAP and POP protocols for the incoming mail servers and the users can decide that basing on their requirements and wish.

The following Google outlook settings can be used to set up the Google mail accounts in MS Outlook. The user first needs to get to the Advanced Settings section and make the following implementations:

  • Incoming mail server name: pop.gmail.com/imap.gmail.com
  • Incoming mail server port number: 993/995
  • Outgoing Mail server name: smtp.gmail.com
  • Outgoing mail server port number: 587

The user must enable all the security features like SSL and TLS on Outlook.


The users can set up their Google mail accounts easily using the enlisted google mail settings. Since Google allows limited uploads and downloads per a particular account, the users should make sure that they do not exceed the limits on any of the devices. For IMAP type accounts, the download limit is set at 2500 MB and the upload limit is set at 500 MB per day. If the user is using multiple devices, he can consider breaking up this quota of data between several systems.

At&t Settings

Check out the new trends of AT&T in Outlook 2016


Outlook 2016 is known as the professional email as well as calendar app which help the users to stay on top.  It helps to share the calendars and schedule the meetings and react to the request with simplicity. Outlook 2016 provides the Keyword as well as People suggestions as for the user type and surfaces new search questioning to save their time with regular searches. In new Outlook 2016 the user meets up the focused inbox, the user can convert SVG icons to other shapes and many such useful features are added. AT&T is helpful for accessing the account from anyplace.


AT&T Email Settings for Outlook 2016 is essential because you cannot work properly if your accounted settings are not complete. Follow the given steps to connect the AT&T email with outlook 2016.


1) Open the Outlook 2016 in your system and choose the File option.

2) Now go to ‘Info’ tab which is present on the left side of the page. Click on the ‘Account Settings’ and then click on ‘Account Settings’ and add AT&T account.

3) Choose your email account from the given list and then click on the Change tab.

4) Now the user has to change the ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’ to the server of SMTP server that user has supplied with the email and choose the option of ‘More Settings’.

5) Choose the ‘Outgoing Server’ option and select ‘My outgoing server (SMTP)’ and log in by using your username and password. Click on ‘OK’.

6) The next step is to select the ‘Advanced’ tab and set the port field to ‘2525’ and click on OK.

7) Select the option’ Next and click on ‘Finish’. Close the ‘Account Settings’ as you successfully created the AT&T account with Outlook 2016.


AT&T POP3 and IMAP Settings


AT&T Email Settings for Outlook 2016 POP3 Settings comprises of certain steps. The user has to start the Microsoft Outlook first then enter your email and click on Advanced Options. After this set up your account manually. Choose the type of account. If the user chooses POP3 type then add the settings of POP3.


Incoming mail server: mail.tigertech.net

Incoming mail port:         995

SSL: Yes

Outgoing mail server: mail.tigertech.net

Outgoing mail port:         587

After this save your password and click on OK. Your Outlook 2016 set up is ready to use with POP3 settings.


On the other hand, the user can choose IMAP settings. AT&T Email Settings For Outlook 2016 IMAP Settings includes some steps.


Account type: IMAP

Incoming server (IMAP): 993 or 143

Incoming server encrypted connection: SSL

Outgoing server (SMTP): 587 or 465

Outgoing server encrypted connection: TLS or Auto

IMAP settings are much better to use. First, the user has to open the Outlook 2016. Choose the option File and click on Account setting to add AT&T account in outlook 2016. Select additive server types to it. Next, the user has to set up the IMAP settings and use these settings for incoming as well as the outgoing server. After entering all things correctly click Next and you are finished with this procedure.

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At&t Server and SMTP Settings


AT&T Email Settings for Outlook 2016 Server Settings includes advanced server setup. The Advanced option in the settings of Internet Email dialogue box makes the user set up the POP3 as well as the SMTP server ports, specify whether the server needs an encrypted channel or not, as well as it also defines the server timeout settings along with the delivery settings.

Server Settings include

Incoming server (POP3): Port 995 and Enable SSL with Check Box

Outgoing Server (SMTP): Port 587 and Enable TLS with Dropdown


AT&T Email Settings for Outlook 2016 SMTP Settings are quite essential to know whether the user needs to set up the account of Outlook.com within an email client or not.


Outlook.com SMTP Server Settings

Outlook.com SMTP server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com

Outlook.com SMTP user name: Your email address

Outlook.com SMTP password: Your Outlook.com password

Outlook.com SMTP port: 587

Outlook.com SMTP TLS/SSL encryption required: Yes



The user can add the AT&T Email Settings for Outlook 2016 Mail Setting in a short period of time. Normally while sending or receive an email in Outlook 2016, the user has to add up your email account to Outlook 2016. The user can even add more than one email account. For doing the AT&T outlook 2016 settings the user has to make use of internet more efficiently and for this, the user requires an email account.  Email makes the user log in to about all the websites and it is helpful in purchasing the products online. AT&T internet configures your account automatically. AT&T accounts are able to set up a good connection with Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2016 comprises of twofold email accounts system.






Charter Settings

Charter Mobile Mail Settings in a NutshellCharter

Based out of America, Charter Communications is a telecommunications giant and also deals in providing mailing services for the customers. The mailing services by Charter Communications come under the brand name of Spectrum and this service is one of the most widely used mailing services in the business and corporate sector as of today. The mailing service from Charter Communications is flawless, amazingly fast and provides the users with a lot of benefits that tend to enhance the mailing experience of the users which other competitors do not provide. The mailing service from Charter Communications is supported by some of the advanced technologies like POP and IMAP that help in the smooth and fast receiving and sending of emails from the user accounts.

The users can easily get themselves registered for the mailing service from Charter Communications. However, they need to make the necessary charter mobile email settings so that they can use the mailing services with all its available features on the mobiles and even other platforms. This is the zone where the users face certain difficulties in making the correct settings. But the following section would enlighten all the users regarding the settings and how to implement them easily.


The users can receive the emails from other users flawlessly by implementing these Charter incoming mail settings. Following this, the users can enjoy a hassle-free mailing experience on Charter.

The users require implementing the charter mobile IMAP settings so as to configure their email accounts with Charter. IMAP provides the users with access to their emails from multiple devices. Hence, Charter mail, if configured with the required IMAP settings enable the users to retrieve the emails that they receive on their Charter Mail accounts on any of the devices that they use.

The following are the IMAP settings associated with Charter mail:

  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: mobile.charter.net
  • Incoming server port address (IMAP): 993
  • Username is in the form of username@charter.net and is user specific.
  • The password is the same password the user has for the mail address.
  • SSL should be turned on.
  • The server requires authentication.

Once done with these settings, the users can enjoy great mailing experience on Charter.

Charter Communications also supports POP server. If the users have configured their mail accounts using the charter mobile pop3 settings, they can revert to IMAP very easily. POP server type involves the deletion of the emails from the server once the mail has been downloaded on a device. Hence, most of the users prefer IMAP type server over the POP type. However, Charter Communications has done a great job in having both the server types and the switching between the two types of servers is quite easy as well.

The following steps can be followed by the Charter mail users to switch to IMAP type server from the POP type server. By switching to IMAP from POP, the users can transfer all their emails from one mail account to another.

  • The users need to choose their email clients and browse to the setting section.
  • In the Account settings section, they need to check the Leave Messages on server option.
  • He needs to disable the send/receive option on the client to prevent the receiving of messages on the POP server.
  • The user can make use of the above-mentioned IMAP settings to create an IMAP enabled account confined to the same email client.
  • The POP account can be deleted from the mail client.
  • The user can store the messages on a new storage, which he needs to create, by drag and drop.
  • This way all the emails can be transferred to the storage and the POP mailbox can be deleted.
  • The new messages will now be received on the IMAP server of Charter Mail and the user can enjoy retrieving the mails on multiple devices.


Similar to the incoming mail server settings, the users can also set up their outgoing mail server to send messages really fast. The outgoing mail server settings are also quite easy to implement and can be carried out by using the details that are given below.

Charter Communications uses SMTP type mail servers for the outgoing mails for the fast transfer of messages across the web. The following charter mobile SMTP settings can be used by the mail service users to set up their outgoing mail accounts on Charter Communications.

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  • Username: This is the name of the user
  • Email address: this is generally in the format youremail@charter.net
  • Outgoing mail server address: mobile.charter.net
  • Outgoing mail server port number (for SMTP type servers): 587
  • The username is in the form username@charter.net
  • Password is user specific and is same as the one used by the user to get access to the Charter mail
  • SSL should be turned on.
  • The server would require an authentication to proceed.

The above-mentioned settings can be used to configure the outgoing mail server of Charter Communications to explore all its benefits in the best possible way.


MS Outlook is one of the most widely used email clients owing to all the benefits regarding the mailing services that it offers to the users. Setting up the Charter mail account on the MS Outlook platform is quite easy and can be accomplished with a few simple steps. The user needs to get to the settings section of MS Outlook and make the following charter mobile outlook settings as given below:

  • Incoming mail server (IMAP): mobile.charter.net
  • Incoming mail server port number: 993
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mobile.charter.net
  • Outgoing mail server port number: 587

Using the above-mentioned charter mobile server settings, the users can set up and configure the charter mail accounts on MS Outlook as well.

Once done with the above-listed charter mobile mail settings, the users can have a great experience while mailing through Charter mail service. However, they should keep a not that they cannot use both the POP and IMAP servers simultaneously which might result in the display of error messages. It is recommended that they use only the IMAP type accounts for their Charter mails.

WordPress Settings

Change Your Settings with WordPress – WordPress Settings

 WordPress is the open source as well as it is the most popular online business platform, presently powering even more than 28% of the network. The network of WordPress welcomes about 409 million people to view even more than 15.5 billion pages every month. You can use the services of WordPress free of cost.

Are you facing difficulty in sending the emails from the WordPress site? Check out the WordPress Email Settings to solve this problem. Also, you can choose the easiest method which is you can send the emails from WordPress by making use of Gmail SMTP server.


Why the user requires Gmail Server for WordPress?


Wordpress Email Settings
WordPress Email Settings

The site of WordPress usually sends emails to inform you about the registration of the new user, resetting the lost password, self-loading updates, and even give notice from your contact word form. SMTP protocol is the standard of the industry for sending the emails. SMTP mainly uses the proper certification which bends email deliverability.


\Gmail provides the user WordPress SMTP Settings which the user can use to send the emails from their WordPress site. The user has to create an email account. As the user will be using the Gmail account to send the WordPress emails, therefore it is recommended that the user must create an email account such as wordpress@example.com.  After creating the email account, the user is now ready to use this account in WordPress. At last, do not forget to save the settings.


Set up the SMTP settings given below:

SMTP Host: mail.yourdomain.com

SMTP Port: 465

Encryption: TLS

Authentication: ON

SMTP Username: your ID

SMTP Password: your password


When you are working with the WordPress you must have correct WordPress Server Settings. The user can also use Postie plugin to do the post by email. To do this you have to install and then activate the Postie plugin from the page of admin, then choose the option of the plugin and add the new plugin. Once the user is able to activate the plugin, the plugin will then add up a new menu portion in your WordPress admin bar. Now by clicking on this, you can reach the setting page of the plugin. From there the user will get all the login details related to the server.


Use the given server settings:


Mail Protocol: POP3-SSL


PORT: 995

Mail Server: pop.gmail.com

Mail UserId: your username

Mail Password: your password


WordPress POP3 And IMAP Settings


WordPress POP3 Settings are very necessary when you are working with WordPress. With the pop3 settings, the user mail client will be able to download the mail from the specific server and guarantee that the user mailbox on the server must be empty. Such setting is quite useful whenever the user is using the single computer or single device to manage their email. It helps to secure your email on that specific computer or device.


POP3 host: ssl://gmail.com

POP3 Port: 995

POP3 Email: user email id

POP3 Password: your password


WordPress IMAP Settings must be done the user. IMAP settings allow the mail to be read and also be managed from many of the devices and Webmail by running up with the easygoing of your mail on any secure server. By playing the procedure like moving, sending, or deleting the tasks on the server itself, IMAP assures the mail on any other device and kept it in synchronizing form.


Connect your WordPress account with Outlook-WordPress Outlook Settings

When you are connecting your WordPress account with Outlook, you must require WordPress Outlook Settings. When you are connecting your WordPress account with Outlook, you will get a benefit that you can now operate all your emails in Outlook. Given below are the settings which a user must check while setting the WordPress account with Outlook.


SMTP Host: smtp.live.com

SMTP Port: 587

Encryption: Use TLS Encryption.

Authentication: Yes

Username: Your Outlook.com email

Password: Your Outlook


Incoming Mailbox Address: imap-mail.outlook.com

Mail Protocol: IMAP

Username: your email address

Password: your password

Port number: 993

Secure Port – SSL/TLS: Yes

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When the user makes themselves to enter the settings of any email account in any of the email software, use the WordPress Mail Settings to put together the email account by making use of only settings with the server. The SSL is completely optional for both incoming and outgoing mail. Validation setting is obligatory for the outgoing mail server. Also, the secured password validation must not be altered. You must check out the usage of the same username and password to set up the settings of the mail server.

Mediacombb Settings

Change the way of working with Mediacombb


Mediacombb webmail is the famous online email system which is set up by the Mediacombb and it permits the clients to send as well as receive the emails through with the web browser. Like any other email application, Mediacombb also performs the similar features. Commonly looked up features are filtering, usage of calendar, tasks, accessing as well as storing the contacts, setting up auto replies and also saving the documents. The user can use the Mediacombb webmail from any computer, smartphone or with the tablet. The simple thing which is required is that the device of the user must be connected to the web browser.


How to change the email settings with Mediacombb?

Mediacombb Settings

For changing the Mediacombb Email Settings the user first has to delete thePOP3 account. To delete the account follow the given guidelines:


  • Press the menu button and then click on Settings option.
  • Choose the option Manage accounts.
  • Next step is the user has to hold the Account option till a check mark appears on the screen. This might be named as something other than the word ‘Mediacombb Email’.
  • Select the option of delete and remove the account by accepting the remove option. In this way, you have deleted the POP3 account and now you can create the new account with new email settings as per your wish.

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Mediacombb Server Settings is necessary when the user starts working with mediacombb. Given below are the server settings for incoming as well as outgoing mail.


Mediacombb incoming mail server

Account Type: POP

Username: Your email address is your username

Server hostname: mail.mediacombb.net

Server port: 995

Authentication: Password



Mediacombb outgoing mail server

Username: Your email address is your username

Server hostname: mail.mediacombb.net

Server port: 465

Authentication: Password



Mediacombb Mail Settings can also be set up with Android phones. Set up your Mediacombb email settings on an Android device by using given steps:

  • The first step is that the user has to visit the mail app, and then choose the settings option there and add the new email account.
  • Select the option of POP3.
  • Now the user has to enter the complete Mediacombb email address as well as password. After this select the “Manual Setup”.
  • Enter the incoming and outgoing settings given below and click on next.

Incoming settings

Username: email

Password: your password

Incoming server: mail.mediacombb.net

Incoming port: 995

Security type: SSL


Outgoing settings

Outgoing server: mail.mediacombb.net

Outgoing port: 465

Security type: SSL

Authorization required: Yes

Username: email

Password: your ID password

  • The user now has to enter the preferences in the coming screen and provide all the details and a personal name to the account. In this way, the mail for the user has been set up.


POP3, IMAP, And SMTP Settings

Mediacombb IMAP settings are not a tough task to do. For this, the user has to open the option of Add another account. An option of Add Mail account will appear. After this, a pop up will appear on the screen asking the user to fill in the username as well as the Email address which you want to register with the Mail. After filling up all the details click o the option of Sign in and then proceed. Now fill in the IMAP server settings which are given below and press the option of Sign In to move further. In this way, you can use IMAP settings for your account.

IMAP Server Settings

Incoming: mail.mediacombb.net

Outgoing: mail.mediacombb.net

Port number for incoming server: 143

Port number for outgoing server: 587

SSL: Yes


Mediacombb POP3 Settings

Incoming: mail.mediacombb.net

Outgoing: mail.mediacombb.net

Port number for incoming server: 995

Port number for outgoing server: 465

SSL: Yes

If the user is attempting to configure the email program, then the user may also be asked to check out the Mediacombb SMTP settings. The user must find the setting and also provide the necessary information as it can save the time of user.


SMTP Settings

Username:          Your email address

Server hostname: mail.mediacombb.net

Server port: 465

Authentication: Your Password



How to set up Mediacombb account with Outlook?

Mediacombb Outlook Settings are necessary when you are connecting the account with Outlook. Set the outlook settings with given procedure.

  • Start the Outlook in your system, click on the File tab and select the option of category information Account Settings.
  • Now click on the option Email on New.
  • Switch on the Settings of server and then click on Next.
  • Select the Internet Email Addresses now, and then click the option Next after entering the given below data:

User name: Your complete user name

Email Address: your complete email address.

  • Fill in the Server settings and select pop3 and then fill out the given information:

Incoming e-mail: mail.mediacombb.netIncoming

port: 995Outgoing e-mail: mail.mediacombb.net

Outgoing port: 465

  • Also, fill up the following settings:

E-mail: your Mediacombb email address

Password: your Mediacombb email-password

Log in with security: SSL

  • At last, the user has to click on the Test Account Settings and then click on the next option and choose finish. In this way, you have set up the settings with Outlook.


The user can set up the email account correctly within first time and it could even help you to avoid the disaster. It does not even matter what type of account or settings you are using for email, just make sure that you are sending as well as receiving the emails right must be the top priority of any user. Mediacombb has made up quite easy for their clients to set up their mail accounts with outside programs such as Microsoft Outlook. In very less period of time, the user can be ready to take the advantage of making use of Mediacombb email as well as Microsoft Outlook jointly with the optimum results. Mediacombb provides many of the unique services and the user can access the webmail by reaching to MediacomToday.

CenturyLink Settings

Why is CenturyLink better Than Other Internet Providers?

CenturyLink, Inc. is an American media communications organization, headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana, that gives interchanges and information administrations to private, business, legislative, and discount clients in 37 states. An individual from the S&P 500 list, the organization works as a neighborhood trade bearer and Internet get to the supplier in the U.S. advertises and is the third-biggest broadcast communications organization in the United States as far as lines served, behind AT&T and Verizon.

It additionally gives long separation service. It is the second biggest U.S. correspondences supplier to worldwide Endeavour clients. With clients in more than 60 nations and an extraordinary concentrate on the client encounter, CenturyLink endeavors to be the world’s best systems administration organization by unraveling clients’ expanded interest for dependable and secure associations. The organization likewise fills in as its clients’ confided in accomplice, helping them oversee the expanded system and IT many-sided quality and giving oversaw arrange and digital security arrangements that assistance ensures their business.

CenturyLink Settings
CenturyLink Settings

Some time ago called Central Telephone and Electronics Corporation; the organization received many names previously winding up formally known as CenturyLink, Inc. in May of 2010. The Monroe, Louisiana-based organization acquired Embarq Corporation in 2009 and Qwest Communications in April of 2011 who supported the organization to its number three national ranking. CenturyLink supplies the physical phone line required to approach the web in your home or business. A fast Internet modem that is perfect for your DSL Provider’s system is required.

CenturyLink High-Speed Internet enables you to transmit rapid information and voice movement over a similar phone line. At speeds running from 256 Kilobits for every second (Kbps) up to 40 Megabits for every second (Mbps), you’ll have the capacity to utilize your phone while you’re associated with the Internet. Standard dial-up associations with correlation have speeds going from 14.4 Kbps to 56 Kbps.

The primary concern: CenturyLink’s DSL web designs are all in or all out in light of the fact that rates fluctuate by area. CenturyLink additionally has fiber-optic web designs, yet they’re just accessible in a couple of select regions. Taking all things together, estimating is effortlessly the most engaging part of CenturyLink web service. CenturyLink comprehends the energy of the advanced world is identified with our clients’ particular needs – that life is controlled by associations, and business is associations. By consolidating Level 3 and CenturyLink, buyers and organizations alike will profit by extended system reach and capacities with a restored sense of duty regarding conveying an exceptional client encounter.

Also, Check- Hotmail Settings

Continually developing business challenges are the truth for ventures today. Those difficulties raise its desires – which frequently bring new open door. Be that as it may, with circumstance comes greater many-sided quality, more leaders, more dangers, and, at last, more requests on your system.


  • Long haul rebates.
  • Two and three-year value ensures.
  • Reasonable designs.


  • Restricted wants to look over.
  • Client bolster comes up short.
  • No TV advertising.

The most effective method to set up your email to experience POP3 and SMTP

Many individuals appreciate the accommodation of perusing and answering email messages utilizing programming programs like Outlook, Windows Live and Thunderbird. Obviously, to get programming like that to work, you have to fill in a couple of spaces and snap a couple of catches. No sweat. We have you secured.

To begin with, POP3, SMTP and IMAP are somewhat weird shortened forms. Do you comprehend what they mean? It gets the essence of them before diving in and endeavoring to set up your email benefit.

CenturyLink POP3, SMTP, and IMAP

SMTP, POP3 and IMAP are distinctive ways your email program (say, Outlook) speaks with your email supplier (CenturyLink). Truly just, they add up to this:

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) – Like its name infers, POP3 is what might as well be called the mail station. It’s for putting away your email.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) – SMTP gets your email starting with one place then onto the next – directing it amongst servers and in the end of your PC work area. In the event that you were sending snail mail, it would be the postal worker.

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) – IMAP is a fancier rendition of POP3. For example, with IMAP, you can keep your email on the server, something you can’t do with POP3. Obviously, the drawback is that IMAP requires more server space and processing energy to work.

CenturyLink Email Server settings

We principally bolster 6 email areas. For settings and how-to guidelines, tap on the area that matches your email address.

Before you start, remember these things to keep:

  • We don’t bolster IMAP. We’re giving the IMAP settings here to self-improvement as it were.
  • When you go to set up your email program, you might be incited to “leave a duplicate of your messages on the server.” We suggest you acknowledge this choice.
  • “Email Size Limit” alludes to the span of a solitary email, and “Sent To Limits” incorporate the To, CC and Bcc fields in messages. These breaking points are the same whether you’re utilizing webmail or SMTP.

Urgent for the no-agreement web? Tired of cost climbs that expansion your web charges a seemingly endless amount of time? Change to CenturyLink Internet. Regardless of which rapid arrangement you pick, you won’t need to sign an agreement, and your cost won’t soar out of the blue. Rather, even without an agreement, you’ll pay precisely the same every month, regardless of how long you stay with us at a similar address.

Sound pipe dream? It’s most certainly not. From designs with speeds up to 80 Mbps or bundles that let you get to speeds up to 1 Gig, your cost will remain the same the whole time you remain at your present address—no agreement fundamental. CenturyLink is cheerful to be the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that brings you more for less: less problem, less pressure, and precisely zero disappointment with value climbs and certain agreements.

In case you’re searching for the speediest web accessible, CenturyLink Price for Life up to 1 Gig Internet is the decision for you. Comparable to 1000 Mbps, 1 Gig Internet goes on a light-speed fiber-optic system to bring you stunningly quick web. Since 1 Gig is the quickest CenturyLink design, you’ll effortlessly deal with exercises that require a considerable measure of data transfer capacity, such as gaming or downloading new programming in the meantime on different gadgets.

Hotmail Settings

Hotmail Settings

Email Services like Hotmail are made to let the user access their email mailbox directly from their web browser. Hotmail uses access: HTTP for a user’s email account. While using client software email, the software must support HTTP of Hotmail. Hotmail gives access to IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols. These protocols use SSL.


  1. The various email account can be set up on different protocols can be done as follows
  2. POP3

–    Hotmail Incoming Mail Server (POP3) – pop3.live.com ; (logon using Secure Password Authentication – SPA, mail server port: 995)

–    Hotmail Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) – smtp.live.com (TLS enabled, port 587)

  1. IMAP

–    Server: imap-mail.outlook.com, SSL: true-implicit, mail Port: 993 (default)

  1. SMTP

–     Server: smtp-mail.outlook.com,SSL: true-explicit, Port: 587 (default)

How to gauge on my incoming and outgoing mail server?

  1. Go to Tools and then Account settings to open and understand the account information
  2. You have to double-click the email account that you want to see the numerous email ids
  3. Now you can see your account type, the incoming server name and outgoing server name

Settings for Outlook Users

If you want to use email app for your outlook account, then one will have to set up their POP3/SMTP server and then port settings in your e-mail application. To do the same, you will need following data:

–     POP3 {server: pop3.live.com (port – 995)}, SMTP server: {smtp.live.com (port 25)}

–    In case your network/ISP has blocked port 25, you will have to set the SMTP port to the 587 using the SSL or TLS encryption depending on the type of email app you use

–    Then you have to select the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option for both SMTP & POP3 connections.

–     For SMTP Connections, use the SMTP authentication

–    Ensure that the outgoing server needs the server to be authenticated

–     Username: Enter your full E-mail Address

–     Password: Enter your password assign for Microsoft account.

I don’t want to lose emails In Outlook upon setting up POP3, what to do?

Hotmail Settings
Hotmail Settings

There is a feature in outlook which prevents losing email messages in case you accidentally set up POP3 to delete the emails from reading them. The working is as follows-

The Outlook will receive a POP3 Instruction 1st time to delete the messages upon being read from the email app. What will outlook do? It will not delete the emails. Rather, it will move the successfully downloaded emails to the assigned folder- POP and out of the inbox. This folder POP is available in the folders list. Outlook will keep the messages in a POP folder until the time you sign into your respective Outlook account and does the verification that what outlook should do- Ignore the delete command for POP3 or accept it.

Hotmail POP3 settings

Clock Option on the right upper window of Outlook.com -> Click on the Options and thereafter go for More options. Go to Manage Your Account, click on Pop and deleting the message which is downloaded. Post this, out of the following, select one:

  • Try not to give another program a chance to erase messages from Outlook.com
  • Do what my other program says—on the off chance that it says to erase messages, at that point erase them.

What if I’m not able to send and receive emails in my Hotmail account?

In spite of a proper and working internet connection, if you see that your Hotmail account is not able to send & receive emails, you need to check various settings. There have been common issues which have been reported with a Hotmail user, especially who try to configure their account on a 3rd party client email application. Precaution should be taken to enter the settings on the 3rd party client app. In case of incorrect settings, an issue will persist.

Solution is

–    Review the settings

–    Correct the settings of the server

–     Follow these steps.

–    Username: Main address of the Microsoft account

–    Password: 2 step authenticated Microsoft account password

–    Ensure correct IMAP settings are entered for Hotmail Account Eg: Your name, email id ( it should be the complete main address of your Microsoft account

–    Type– IMAP

–    Incoming mail server- imap-mail.outlook.com

–    Outgoing mail server- smtp-mail.outlook.com

–    Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) – Disabled

–     My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication – Enabled

–      Use same settings as my incoming mail server- Enabled

–    Incoming server (IMAP)-993

–    Outgoing server (SMTP)- 587

–    Encryption to be used- SSL

–    Encryption connection- TLS

After above, send some test emails to your own main account and friends. This will help in ensuring the correctness of settings. If unresolved, then call the Hotmail customer support centre.

Common FAQ’s

  1. The email looks different that I send from outlook.com and what I receive from outlook.com?

Ans. Man email messages nowadays contain HTML code which is similar to what we see on a web page. Since these are scripting languages, one should avoid using these since they lead to design and formatting issues. To reduce the same, Outlook uses Trustworthy computing initiative whose aim is to reduce the flow of malicious content of HTML to its users. Trustworthy analyses the content and processes the same to find unsafe content.

Also, Check- Brighthouse Settings

  1. Did message mark from the unknown sender – How to prevent in the outlook interface?

Ans. The Outlook.com user which add their domain or email address to their “contacts” or their “safe-senders list” will not see this notification ever. Hence it’s advisable to add email ids to your respective contact list. In addition, senders who are on the Return Path Certification list or on a user’s “safe sender’s” list typically experience links and images within their messages enabled by default.


  1. “Allow list” functionality exists in outlook.com?

Ans. No. An “allow list” is essentially a “free pass” which allows emails from certain senders to bypass junk email filters and other precautions. Outlook.com evaluates all inbound email for malicious content.

Brighthouse Settings

Explore all the Mailing Benefits through the Brighthouse email settings

Bright House network was an American telecom company which is now taken over by Charter Communications. It was the tenth largest multichannel video service provider and the sixth largest cable internet provider in the United States before being purchased by Charter Communications.

The users need to know about the Brighthouse email settings in order to set up their Bright House email accounts on any of the email apps or clients. This would enable hassle-free mailing from the device on which the mail account is set up. Users need to provide their own email address for their mail server along with the required password for setting up their Bright House email account. Once the configuration is over, the users can access their personal data by connecting to the internet using their mail address on any web interface.

All the benefits that the Bright House mailing service provides can easily be accessible to users once connected to the mail server of the company. But setting up of the mail server is often found complicated by most of the users and thus they need to follow the proper steps in making the required settings. The following section would enlighten the users regarding several settings that can be done for the Bright House mailing account.


Brighthouse Settings
Brighthouse Settings

IMAP and SMTP standard protocols are used by the Bright House for its mail servers. The incoming mail server account on the bright house email service can be the IMAP type or POP3 type. The email address of user has utmost importance for proper set up of mail server on the device of the user. For IMAP settings, the users need to make the following Brighthouse IMAP settings to set up their incoming mail accounts on their devices. Every field must be filled carefully with following details in order to have a proper functioning mail account:

  • Server name: mail.brighthouse.com
  • SSL Required: Yes
  • Port: 993
  • Username: The username is same as user’s email address.
  • Password: The password is same as user’s email password.

The authentication of mail server settings is maintained by a password. For any incoming of email, the Brighthouse IMAP settings allow the user whether to delete that email after safe access from the server or not.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) ensures complete data security and almost nullifies the security breach of the users’ data. SSL ensures the data of the user is well protected from outside access and other threats.


Since Bright House also supports POP type incoming mail server, the users can make use of the following Brighthouse pop3 settings in case they have a POP enabled the account. Brighthouse POP3 server settings are used for retrieving our e-mail messages and folders in any e-mail program. The user needs to fill every field with the following details for proper setup of bright house POP3 settings on their devices:

  • Brighthouse POP3 server address: mail.me.com
  • Brighthouse POP3 port: 995
  • Brighthouse POP3 SSL or TLS required: No
  • Brighthouse POP3 username: The username is same as user’s email address as used in IMAP access.
  • Brighthouse POP3 password Password: The password is same as user’s email password.

IMAP and POP3 are two internet protocols used to access e-mail on our device as used in incoming mail server settings. The main difference between IMAP and POP3 is that, when we need to access our emails from multiple devices, such as laptop, smartphone or any other, we access our synced account from any device with IMAP during IMAP access whereas; POP3 helps in downloading email from a server to a particular device and then erases it from that server. Just because our emails are downloaded to a single device and then deleted from the server, so when we try to access again our emails from a different device it will show the status as missing from the server. This advantage of IMAP over POP3 makes it an effective alternative over POP3.

Simultaneous usage of IMAP and POP3 is not allowed for incoming mail server settings because that can result in mail synchronization errors when the users try to send, receive or access emails.


The outgoing mail server setting on the Brighthouse email service is SMTP type access. SMTP is used to transfer messages and emails on the web with a high-security level. The user can make use of the following Brighthouse SMTP settings to set up the outgoing mail servers on his device:

Server name: mail.brighthouse.com

  • SSL Required: Yes (For IMAP access) / No (For POP3 access)
  • Port: 587
  • Username: The username is same as user’s email address.
  • Password: The password is same as user’s email password.

All these credentials need to be manually punched in by the users in order to have fully configured outgoing mail server settings on their device.


Outlook can be very helpful to receive emails on any device with ease since it ranks the highest among other email clients in terms of utility and features. Brighthouse outlook settings for email accounts can be configured both by using IMAP access and POP3 access. Following steps need to be performed for configuring using IMAP:-

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to Account settings on the device.
  3. On opening Add New Email Account wizard, Microsoft Exchange server, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected by default.
  4. Enter email Id and password and select the account type as IMAP.
  5. Select incoming mail server access as IMAP and outgoing mail server access as SMTP.
  6. Use SSL type encrypted connection for incoming mail access and TLS type encrypted connection for outgoing mail access.

Following steps need to be performed for configuring using POP3:-

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Go to Account settings on the device.
  3. On opening Add New Email Account wizard, Microsoft Exchange server, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected by default.
  4. Enter email Id and password and select the account type as POP3.
  5. Enter the incoming POP3 and outgoing SMTP mail server address.
  6. Select the outgoing mail access as SMTP authentication and use the same settings as the incoming mail server.

Similar steps can be followed for the setting up of the SMTP type outgoing mail server of Bright House on MS Outlook. All the required Brighthouse server settings can be found in the above section and all those credentials can be used in MS Outlook as well.


The Brighthouse mail settings can be easily tweaked and implemented on any device of the user. By using all these settings, they can explore the benefits of the Bright House mailing service to the fullest. The above-mentioned steps aim to direct the users to get maximum benefits from their email accounts and enhance their overall mailing experience.